Stone Bros. ironmongers
Film makers
Pitshanger trees
Ace cafe
Medical students
McLaren rest area
London Underground terminal S. Ealing
Fairfield Hall, Croydon
Jack Davies Flea Circus
Near the Kennet
Ian Napa, British Bantamweight boxer at Fitness First gym, Acton
Brent pond
Jack Davies Southbound
Crazy  Eddie
Snow grass
Fog walk
Central Croydon
Huge discounts
Kennet dawn
Drag entertainer
St Georges market, Croydon
Mercedes Mclaren SLR Stirling Moss Edition
Tree surgeon
Walton Naze
Jack Davies Flea Circus
River weed
Actor Ed De Souza on set
Brent canal
East Enders
Two brothers

Tony Sleep is a freelance photographer based in Ealing, West London, UK who works mostly on commission for editorial and commercial clients, charities and social housing groups.

This site is in the process of redevelopment which is progressing in stages. Aside from the slideshow above most publicly accessible photos are temporarily unavailable. Images embedded in articles are now back, hopefully to the relief of the many people who mailed me.

Private client galleries are unaffected and are functioning normally. Clients please remember that you must login to see the 'client area' menu that will appear on the RHS, which links to your proof images.